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Into The 21st Century With
Additions & Remodeling

There are houses for sale locally at reasonable prices, but very few fit the new owners needs or desires at closing. Some are dated, like a recent project sporting avocado green appliances and burnt orange shag carpeting. We have pulled kitchens and bathrooms into the 21st century with complete replacements, and refreshed functional areas with cabinet refinishing, replacement flooring, and countertops. Master bedroom/bathroom additions have been a recurring theme, allowing owners to add area and update at the same time. Tiled walk-in showers, screened porches and studies off the master suite, safe rooms, laundry pass-throughs, closet organization and gas fireplaces have all been popular items.

Elevators, chair lifts, dumbwaiters, ramps, attention to door & hallway sizes, and other accessibility concerns are features that we take seriously, allowing our clients to age in place, even in an elevated structure. One of the most popular additions is the garage, both attached and detached. In the flood plain, attention must be paid to the slab elevations and staying out of the waterway setbacks. Most are single story with auto and shop in mind, but an increasing number of two story, with an apartments above are happening.